Jeff Lucas started out growing apples, pears, and cherries, running a successful company in the fruit industry for three decades. At the same time, he had been
living a parallel life: adventure.

From the age of 12, Jeff was an avid diver, who always felt a connection with the sea and its creatures. Not only that, but he also studied karate and judo, fighting at the tournament level. He’s been a college professor, a formula-car driver, and speaks fluent French and Japanese.

How does a modern-day Indiana Jones translate his experiences into a story for others? Jeff has drawn from his memories as a 12-year-old diver encountering octopuses; he was struck by their intelligence and their vulnerability to craft the narrative of THE LOST SHIP. This thrill-ride adventure tells the story of one
sixth-grader’s friendship with an octopus and their finding—and then defending—what would be the greatest maritime discovery of all time. Enlisting both his own real-life experience and extensive research, Jeff has crafted a narrative for all ages that is as educational as it is enthralling.