Intrepid Jack dives alone—against all divers’ rules—deep into Bounty Bay. His mission: to photograph an octopus.
What he encounters below the surface
will change his life forever.

“Such an imaginative and epic adventure!
I plan to use it in my curriculum.”

—DARYTH MORRISSEY, Teacher, middle-school marine-biology
Expedition Fellow, Earth Echo International
Board member, American Cetacean Society (Orange County)

About Jeff

When author Jeff Lucas encountered an octopus at age twelve, little did he know how that would affect his future writing journey. He later learned of the intelligence of the species, and it became the central theme of The Lost Ship. Jeff did extensive research and consulted with a marine biologist for the facts and accuracy of his story. He lives in Seattle where he enjoys fencing, gardening, and listening to baroque music. This is his second published book.

About The Lost Ship

A fearless sixth-grader dives alone in the ocean with a single mission: to photograph an octopus. What confronts him is nothing short of astounding.

This fast-paced and illuminating middle-grade novel takes readers on an undersea exploration and adventure. A book like none other, combining a wealth of oceanic facts and marine lore with a generous dollop of imagination.

10% of net proceeds will benefit The Nature Conservancy


Praise for The Lost Ship

“This book will take you on a breathtaking, wonderful, adventure-filled, suspenseful ride through the sea.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLASTOFF!!!”

—Leah Kaelin, Age 10

“Jackʼs trip across the reef is fun, exciting, and informative. I found myself leaning forward while reading this adventurous book. Youʼll laugh and learn.”

—Kurt Lieber, Founder and Director, Ocean Defenders Alliance

“I loved this book! It captures the imagination while sharing facts about the sea and its mysteries. You wonʼt be able to put it down!”

—Linda Behnken, Executive Director, Alaska Longline Fishermenʼs Association

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Did you know...

The largest octopus on record was 30 feet long and weighed 600 pounds.

Octopuses have three hearts.

Octopuses like to collect things to take home to their dens, the shinier the better.

Octopuses recognize faces and, in an aquarium, will squirt water on those who have mistreated them.